Good Shepherd Staff

Good Shepherd Staff

The staff of Good Shepherd Free Lutheran Church includes:

Along with the church staff, Tabitha Beckman is at the church Monday through Friday teaching at Lamb’s Christian Day Care.

The church council is made up of:

  • Chairman – Mike Berg*
  • Vice Chairman – Eric Manninen*
  • Council Secretary – Jayne Kyllonen*
  • Treasurer – Joey Berg*
  • Trustee – Nathan Niemela¬†(2016)
  • Trustee – Doug Lundeen (2017)
  • Trustee – Clarence Honebrink (2017)
  • Trustee – Dean Svela (2018)
  • Deacon – Dean Jennissenn (2016)
  • Deacon – Glenn Mork (2017)
  • Deacon – Craig Anderson (2018)

*Denotes that the position is elected every year during the annual meeting in November. Trustee and Deacon positions are three-year terms, and the year in parenthesis behind each name is the year the position is up for re-election.