It is with sadness but also a profound sense of God’s provision of care that I have to tell you that our Elim Rehab and Care Center in Fargo, ND suffered a fire in their building on Friday. The Elim Children’s Center was in session at the time and one of the children said it smells like marshmallows roasting – this was at 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon. The fire started in the attic area below the roof of the building even though there are no mechanical things in that area. Within quick order the fire department was alerted and by the time they came all the children and residents had been evacuated to the Assisted Living portion of the building. From there they were removed to a building next door because the fire department had to ask the power company to shut off power to the entire building.

42 residents were evacuated to an empty wing at Eventide in Moorhead – and the rest to other facilities in North Dakota. The Children’s Center was evacuated to the Boys and Girls Center in Fargo where they have 4 rooms and a gym just a mile from the facility. Of course they were without any equipment or toys but by this morning 20 boxes of equipment had been donated by Amazon donations. We are gathering cash gifts as well for residents who had to be evacuated with only the clothes on their backs. Also, it will be many months before we are ready to rebuild and decide how to rebuild. We are trying to come up with a plan as well for the 200 staff members who worked at Elim. We are still paying them until we come up with that plan. They were able to get their purses, etc. and the firemen were able to get the residents’ purses, and important items out of the rooms.

Please pray for all who are helping with the recovery at this facility. This is a place that about 10 years ago went through a flood where again residents had to be evacuated. It has not been easy for them. Pray for wisdom to know the direction to take in rebuilding as well.

Thank you for praying.

Becky Rohland