From Becky Rohland

I saw the surgeon again yesterday which was a week after my surgery last Wednesday. He agreed that my lens was definitely dislocated and they are going to be trying to fit me with some lens corrections in two weeks. Unfortunately, they will have to operate again to reposition the lens but they don’t want to do it until around the middle of August. The hard thing for me is that the eye problem makes my focus go in and out and also causes almost something like motion sickness when I walk or move around and we are in the middle of a major move coming up in the office. This time I need the support of my Christian friends to see me through. I am not discouraged but I am limiting things that I might like to do because it makes me feel so disoriented and at the verge of nausea. It is a case of “having done all to stand”. I’m standing on the Promises of God but the walking is a bit more challenging. 

Thanks so much for your prayers. I want to make it back to church on Sunday. You can add that on to the prayer – that I will be able to maneuver well enough to make it to church.