From Kirsten:

Hello Praying Family and Friends,
Well, today, Wednesday, marks 40 weeks of pregnancy! 🙂 Unfortunately, as happened with Daniel and is more common here in Ecuador, the doctor is anxious to get the baby out and thinks we should go for a c-section if I don´t have any reaction or contractions to the exam today.

Please pray that we would have wisdom to know what to do. The doctor is willing to wait, but of course tells us all the possible problems and risks with a pregnancy more than 40 weeks. Even more specifically you can pray the baby comes tonight or that I really go into labor tonight to have the baby in the morning! That would be a great answer and less stressful. Either way, pray for wisdom in our decision at another appointment tomorrow and peace with our decision. Pray that Baby Paccha stays safe and healthy as well!

Thank you!

From Don Shoutz:

Pray for my knee surgery Friday morning, June 21, in St. Cloud. Pray for the doctors and for a successful outcome with no major complications. Thank you!